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The "Yacht Club" at Virginia Tech

Founded in 2015 by three Virginia Tech students, Young American Collegiate Hedge-Fund Triumvirate (YACHT) is a collection of current Virginia Tech students in Blacksburg, Virginia. We are a local fraternity and a registered student organization at Virginia Tech, a university in Blacksburg, VA, USA.


The vision of the organization is for our members to learn, make financial decisions, and network with others in the process. Our members pay dues once every semester where portions of the dues are invested into the market and securities. Dues also go towards philanthropy events with other clubs and organizations, our semester Comfort Color T-Shirts, marketing at Gobbler Fest, and other events to bring new potential members out.


As an organization we will collectively do research on companies, market trends, and decide as a club which stocks to invest in.  We meet biweekly to discuss the direction of our portfolio, as it pertains to buying and selling stocks, along with networking with other members of the club and industry professionals. These meetings the club might also vote on important matters as well as receive general updates on the organization. The organization acts as a nonprofit and therefore there are no financial gains for any individual in the club as the money made or lost at the end of the year is reinvested for coming semesters. We believe that the organization does not only provide a first hand learning experience, but also helps to establish valuable relationships, friendships, and connections among members.  We are an organization with an emphasis on diversity and opportunity for all, regardless of GPA. We are based simply on interest and highlight the importance of networking and social interaction.


Our name is an acronym made up of five defining words. Our members are Young men who are currently enrolled at Virginia Tech. We are an American organization based in Blacksburg, Virginia. All members are required to be of Collegiate status at Virginia Tech. The organization is not officially, but acts as a Hedge-fund in its investing practices. As mentioned before, YACHT was founded by three members making it originally a Triumvirate.


President: Christian Peterson

Vice President: David Drzewicki

Secretary: Jordan Aulestia

Treasurer and Investment Chair:

Jack Kuligowski

Management Officer: Sam Lauer

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