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As the 2022 calendar year came to a close, we held our last general body meeting. We would like to extend a huge congratulations to our new officers and thank all the candidates who ran for their hard work and dedication to the club. We have no doubt that they will do an excellent job leading the club and we look forward to the new ideas and energy they will bring. Thank you to everyone who participated in the election process, whether by running for office, supporting a candidate, or casting a vote. Your involvement is what makes the club such a vibrant and active community.

We would also like to extend a huge thank you to our previous officers for their service to the club. Their hard work and dedication over the past year has been invaluable and we are grateful for all that they have done.

Congratulations to our new President, Kenny Nguyen, and new Vice President, Kian Pierce!

And now a few words from our new President Kenny Nguyen:

As we begin the kickoff to the start of our 2023 Spring semester, I would like to introduce myself to the folks I never got the honor to meet yet. My name is Kenny Nguyen and I am proud to be your newly elected President. I am a fourth year student studying Mechanical Engineering from Richmond, VA.

I was initiated into YACHT in Fall 2019 during my freshman year and during those years, I have been elected philanthropy chair for 2021 and vice president for 2022.

As your newly elected president, I will not only be a leader, but also be a resource for my officers and members. I have seen this organization grow tremendously and I intend to help continue growing it, so that future members can partake in the fine establishment we call YACHT. I plan on building this fraternity and making sure that our overflowing amount of ideas will be accomplished. I also plan to have opportunities for our wonderful alumni to be more incorporated with new events in the future. With that, I hope to see some familiar faces soon!

If you have any questions or concerns, my contact information is below. Please feel free to reach out to me. Thank you and Godspeed.

Best regards,

Kenny Nguyen

Phone: (804)955-8038

A few words from our new Vice President Kian Pierce:

For those I haven't had the privilege of meeting, my name is Kian Pierce and it's an honor to have been elected the Vice President of this organization which means the world to me. I'm a Junior in Electrical Engineering, raised in Richmond, VA. I spent the last year serving as Secretary of YACHT and I have a long history of leadership roles from Highschool. I'm very excited to lend my hand in the growth of YACHT this next year.

As the new VP, I intend to further solidify the bond we have as brothers. I plan to continue our traditions and implement my new ideas in an attempt to achieve this goal. My primary proposal is to broaden the variety of brotherhood events YACHT hosts. I would like to organize day trips like visits to Claytor Lake or going tubing at the New River Junction. YACHT has a strong Alumni community and I would greatly appreciate the opportunity to meet each and every man who's contributed to this organization. Come to Blacksburg very soon!

I grew up without brothers so, in every sense of the word, the YACHT boys are my brothers. That being said, for any questions, concerns, ideas, advice or if you're ever in town and want to grab a drink, shoot me a text, call, or email!

Thank you,

Kian Pierce

804 938 4018

And give a warm welcome to the new Cabinet of Yacht!

Secretary Will Digisi

Economics Major

Upper Saddle River NJ

Treasurer Noah Brody

Finance and Investment Banking Major

Alexandria VA

Risk Management Jack Hodson

Computational Modeling and Data Analytics Major

Collegeville PA

Investment Jack Kuligowski

Real Estate Finance Major

Sandy Hook CT

Helping out the Cabinet will be the following Officers:

  • Recruitment: Anthony Briganti

  • Social: Jason Contreras

  • New Member: Alex Baumgartner and Zach Polan

  • Philanthropy: Nick Bishop

  • Housing: Harrison Summers

  • Brand Management: Griffin Tan

  • Sports: Jake Grandinetti

  • Alumni: Rossen Colov

Lock of the Week: Giants/Eagles U48

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This week, the brothers of YACHT returned for the Fall 2022 semester. Over the summer, the brothers went all over the country and world including places such as Las Vegas, Lake George, Portugal, Spain, and Denmark. Many other brothers also had internships and visited family and friends during the summer. While the summer is coming to an end, YACHT is very excited to welcome everyone back for another great Fall semester.

This weekend, the brothers also had a Kickback allowing everyone to catch up while enjoying some burgers, hotdogs, and other food off the grill. Although it started raining, it didn't stop the brothers from having a good time and talking with other brothers and potential new members about YACHT. As we are beginning the new semester, YACHT is excited about Gobblerfest and rush which is taking place over the next two weeks. The brothers are also looking forward to the new football season in which Virginia Tech is set to play Old Dominion away. Furthermore, the brothers are also thrilled to welcome back alumni for the home opener against Boston College which is taking place on September 10th.

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This weekend, the brothers and new members of YACHT participated in the annual Big Event this year hosted by Virginia Tech. Brothers volunteered their Saturday morning to help those in need by painting, mulching, and picking weeds throughout Blacksburg and Christiansburg. Many brothers were able to help and had a great time serving their community. The brothers were very proud to help their community for such a great cause. Special thanks to Edwin and all the other officers who helped plan and register YACHT for such an important and meaningful event.

Quote of the Day: “We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.”

-Winston Churchill

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