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Big Little Pong Tournament

One of the most exciting events in our fraternity's calendar is our semesterly big little event. During this event, each newly initiated member is paired with a "big brother" or mentor, to guide and support them through their college journey. The event brought together new and old members to celebrate the bond of brotherhood and to welcome our newest little brothers into the fraternity.

In addition to the reveal, each family competed against each other in a water pong tournament. The competition was fierce and the teams gave it their all. The crowd was loud and energetic, cheering on their favorite teams and encouraging them to play their best. The tournament was a great showcase of sportsmanship, and was a great way for YACHT members to come together, have a great time, and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Congratulations to everyone on the Podium!

1st place: Mark Zhang and Will Snyder

2nd place: Rob Lucas

3rd place: Harry Summers and Jakob Ford

Lock of the Week (1-0) : National Anthem Over 2:02

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