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New Members Fall 2021

Updated: Dec 14, 2021

YACHT is proud to announce that after our fall rush, we have accepted 12 awesome new members! We had a tough recruitment process and I'm happy that this group of guys stuck to it. They've started the orientation process and I can't wait to see how much they grow this semester. So please take the time to give a quick read about our new guys.

Quote of the day: "When you say 'Forward' or 'Back', your lips move in those directions."

Cameron Rowley

"I'm currently a sophomore studying Aerospace engineering. I was born in Maryland but I’ve lived in Colorado and in England. I like hiking and exploring the great outdoors."


Will Disigi

"I’m a junior majoring in Economics. I’m from Upper Saddle River, NJ. In my free time I like swimming, watching movies and baseball."

Nick Bishop

"I am currently a sophomore finance major from McLean, VA. In my free time I enjoy swimming, hiking and watching football. I’m excited to be a part of YACHT, and I’m looking forward to getting to know everyone."

Sterling Brinson

"I’m a junior majoring in computer science from Haymarket, VA. For fun, I like playing basketball and spikeball, gaming, and watching movies. My goal after VT is to commission as a Navy pilot."

Brendan Morales

My names Brendan Morales and I am a sophomore in the class of 2024, majoring in Human Nutrition, Foods, and Exercise (HNFE). I’m from a small town in southern Massachusetts called Seekonk. At Virginia Tech I plan to graduate and go on to Physician Assistant school to become a PA. I work on the grounds crew here at Tech, and have been a student manager of the softball team here since my freshman year. I could definitely see myself possibly coaching softball in the future. Outside of school related activities I love to hangout with friends and just have a good time and enjoy being in college.

Griffin Tan

"My name is Griffin Tan and I’m super excited to be part of the Yacht Club. My hobbies are playing lacrosse. I’m majoring in accounting and finance."

Brandon Cumberledge

"I am a sophomore majoring in marketing. I’m from Gainesville, VA. I like to play basketball, poker, and hang out with friends."

Jordan Lockett

"Jordan, Newport News VA. Business finance I play guitar and I am a big football and baseball fan. After VT, I would like to work on Wall Street or go to law school"

Noah Brody

"I am a junior from Alexandria, Virginia. I am a double Finance Major, FinTech and Big Data Analytics along with Investment management and Chartered Financial Analyst. I enjoy golfing, playing tennis, and snowboarding in the winter."

Tony Briganti

"I am a junior, from Chesapeake, Virginia, at Tech majoring in biochemistry and chemistry to eventually pursue a career in dentistry. Outside of classes, I do undergrad research as a part of the Brown Lab and collaborate on a project about drug discovery and antibiotic resistance. When I am not doing that, you can often find me hanging out around campus, swimming, or reading Marvel comics."

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