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Welcome New Members!

Updated: Feb 23, 2021

Last week marked the end of YACHT's recruitment campaign for the semester and at the end of it, 8 bright new members have been selected. This new class consists of a variety of majors as well as coming from all over the country. The new members have started the orientation process and are on track to be fully initiated by the end of the semester. Without further ado, here are the new members.

Chris Buonforte

"I am a sophomore from Fairfax, VA. I am a Building Construction major. I enjoy spending time outdoors, doing activities such as fishing and hiking. I am currently in the Corps of Cadets, and I hope to commission as an officer in the Army upon graduation. I am excited to be a part of YACHT, and I am looking forward to meeting more of the brothers."

Jake Glauber

"I’m a BIT (Cyber) major. I’m originally from Charlotte, NC but moved to Shrewsbury, NJ for my family’s day camp business. My main hobby’s playing guitar."

Shrenik Peddibhotla

"I'm a sophomore majoring in computer science with a minor in economics

from Seattle, WA. Currently – I’m living at the Retreat. For fun - I like to play tennis and basketball, watch sports, and watch movies."

Jack Troutman

"I am a Finance major from Richmond, VA graduating in 2023. I like football, playing basketball, poker, and going for hikes."

Dillon Haberland

"I am currently a Sophomore studying BIT. I was born and raised in NOVA more specifically Ashburn, VA where I went to Briar Woods High School. I have always enjoyed playing basketball making it my favorite hobby, some other hobbies I enjoy are paintballing and snowboarding."

Alejandro Vesga

"I’m Alejandro Vesga, you can call me Ale. I'm a CS major from North Jersey but my parents are from Colombia. Other than coding, I like to make money on poker, investing, betting on Fifa, and sports gambling between friends. Hyped to meet everyone."

Cove Haydock

"I initially rushed YACHT due to my interest in the stock market/investing, and I also have grown to really like a lot of the guys. In highschool, I played basketball, rowed, and ran track. My major is Finance with a concentration in financial accounting and I am from Charlottesville, VA. "

Chase Eason

"I’m an HNFE major from Chesapeake, VA. I like to golf, play basketball, snowboard, and hang out with friends."

Thank you everyone for giving a moment to read about our new members! And now back by popular demand, quote of the day:

"Nothing is on fire, fire is on things."

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