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YACHT Summer Adventures

Summer is a season of sunshine, freedom, and endless possibilities, and for the members of YACHT, it was a time to embark on exciting adventures and explore personal interests. As we reconvene and share our experiences, it's clear that the break was filled with diverse activities and memorable moments.

As the alumni chair of our club, I had the privilege of hearing about some of the incredible experiences our members had. From traveling to exotic destinations to embracing local cultures and traditions, our members truly made the most of their summer. Whether they were pursuing their passions, connecting with new friends, or simply enjoying some well-deserved relaxation, one thing was clear: the break was a time for growth, bonding, and unforgettable memories.

Mark Zhang touring and learning about the vast history of Italy

Jack Hodson, Alex Baumgardner, and Ross Colov relaxing in the Florida Keys.

Kenny Nguyen hanging out with friends and alumni Ryan Hays and Tilek Kudaibergenov.

Nathan Gilligan and Chris Mason getting together for a round of golf.

Kian Pierce and Meet Patel training for and completing a Spartan race in West Virginia

Jordan Aulestia enjoying the water and sun of the British Virgin Islands.

Alex Baumgardner and his girlfriend enjoying lively Nashville.

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